Comic-Con 2018 Wrap-Up

The PUNcast went to Comic-Con International: San Diego entrenched with the crew from The Orville itself to cover the event and panel featuring the cast and producers of the show. “Digital Content Producer” Dan Taylor shares with PUNcast co-hosts tidbits of info for any and all fans of The Orville. Also, hear the audio portion of The Orville Comic-Con panel from the first question asked by moderator David A. Goodman to the last audience question answered by the cast. Be sure to follow Planetary Union Network: The Orville Fan Podcast on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.


With guest Howard Berger

The PUNcast is pleased to welcome Oscar and Emmy winning Howard Berger of KNB EFX Group (The Orville Special Make-Up Effects & Make-Up Department Head), who leads the team responsible for the many aliens that you see on each episode of The Orville. Co-hosts Dan, Joe, and Michael chat with Howard about his long distinguished (and not so distinguished?) career in special effects make-up and how his contribution to “enhance” Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights lead to him joining the crew on The Orville.


Here at Planetary Union Network, we’re not just about providing the best podcast for fans of The Orville. We also strive to find other significant resources to enhance you’re The Orville fandom experience.

We are pleased to present to you the original and official font for the KrillIain alphabet designed by the series Visual Effects members Taylor Faulkinberry (Futurist) and Brandon Fayette (Digital Effects Supervisor) . This is the very font designed for use on The Orville, specifically the episode “Krill” which prominently featured the font in the production design of the sets and props—including The Krill Ankhana.

To download the Krillain Alphabet Font click on the image above or click here. This font is made available for free for personal use only. Now get working on your Ankhana prop for your Krill cosplay.



With guests Luke McDonald, Brandon Fayette, and Brooke Noska

The PUNcast is pleased to welcome Luke McDonald (The Orville Visual Effects Supervisor), Brandon Fayette (The Orville Digital Effects Supervisor), and Brooke Noska (The Orville Visual Effects Producer). Co-hosts Dan and Joe chat with the VFX Team about magic behind the look of the first season and what to expect in Season Two.