With guest David A. Goodman

The PUNcast is pleased to welcome guest David A. Goodman, executive producer of The Orville, as well as writing the episode “The Krill.” Co-hosts Dan, Joe, and Michael hurl questions at Mr. Goodman ranging from his upcoming book The Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard (yes, some Star Trek stuff) to the nuts-and-bolts of writing The Orville and other behind the scenes insider scoops.

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  1. Amanda Joy Curtis

    You’re correct, David, not only are the inside jokes a great payoff but the pop culture references absolutely add much value to the show. It was also good to hear you standing up for Seth, because his creative and scientific mind is brilliant. Counting down to S2 and much much more from this podcast. Much love 😘❣ btw I’d love to see a musical episode, because I loooove to listen to Seth sing. Maybe Captain Mercer contracts a parasite that forces him to communicate in song 😂😂 anyway, have a great night!

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