With guest Bruce Broughton

The PUNcast is pleased to welcome guest film and television composer Bruce Broughton, composer of The Orville theme. Co-hosts Dan, Joe, and Michael get an education in film and television scoring as well as a listen to a unique take on The Orville theme. The crew also discusses the latest TV episode “Majority Rules” and introduces “Ensign Henson.”

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  1. Amanda Joy Curtis

    What makes this PUNcast the most enjoyable is how in depth you get, not just into the Episodes of The Orville but also production, some background of the actors, inspirations, all it takes behind the scenes to create such an amazing show.
    Thank you, Bruce, for playing a little piano for us and for sharing your inspirations for the Orville. I love the unique sound of the main theme, even as it takes me back to the TNG theme, which has the ability, to this day, to raise the hair on my arms. I can imagine watching The Orville with my future grandchildren with as much enjoyment as watching today. They’ll be a blend of Trekkie and Orvillian (is that what’s been settled on? I vote for it regardless)
    Majority Rules is a great episode, and again so relevant to our society today!
    I may have already mentioned, I love the way the Episodes are written, creating worlds and societies that point out societies through our history and even happening today. Again, the homage (I find this the best word to describe the similarities) to Star Trek are prevalent and so appreciated!

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