With guest Brannon Braga

The PUNcast is pleased to welcome Brannon Braga to the podcast. Co-hosts Dan, Joe, and Michael have the pleasure to chat with Brannon Braga, writer, director, and executive producer of The Orville, and to congratulate him on the show’s second season announcement. The crew also discusses the latest TV episode “Into The Fold.”

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  1. Amanda Joy Curtis

    As a single mom with 2 wild boys, I especially love this episode of the Orville. Everyone does such an amazing job, start to finish, bringing this fantastically unique show to fruition. Claire is my favorite character (aside from Ed, of course, because Seth MacFarlane 😍😍), and I love that she and her little family got their own episode. Bringing Isaac into the dynamic brought so much humanity into it, as he observes and lends insight into the behaviors that he witnesses (not unlike our favorite android, Data). I can’t say I’m surprised this show has found such a quick and solid fan base, as I find it to be the core of who Seth is as well as this amazing cast of actors and actresses and a crew of people working hard behind the scenes bringing it all to life. Y’all are great, thank you again for these PUNcasts! It makes the wait bearable 😁
    P.S. I’d love to see more of Justin the Ogre!

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